Where do you find inspiration?

Some days I just feel weird. Like I need something…more to figure out why I’m doing the things I do. Some days I just need to look at something pretty. Or delicious. Or adorable.

Today was one of those days.  All day long, I just couldn’t get in a groove. It felt like something was missing, and I wasn’t sure how to fix it.

So tonight, I went to the pool. I started a new book. I’m watching the Olympics (no surprise there). I wasted some time on Pinterest and tried sketching out a new craft project I’ve got in the works.

It helped. Kind of. I guess some days you just stay in a funk.

Now I’m looking at you, Internet. Help a girl out over here. Give me your links, your pictures, your Google search terms. What cures your blah days?

For the record, there are plenty of things I am not inspired by. They include:

Trashy reality TV. Local car commercials.  Stand-up comedians. Tiny yipping dogs.

(Really I just want someone else to watch that commercial. I don’t understand why they keep airing it. It’s awful.)


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