Link Love: Week 1

While I have a running list of blogs I’m loving at the moment, I thought it would be nice to keep a weekly list of all the things that catch my eye. Expect to see a lot of recipes, cute pictures, or interesting news links.

Dark Chocolate Bourbon Cherry Soda Floats. Yes. Just…yes. To all of it.

We landed on Mars. I am suuuch a nerd, but I can’t stop reading about it. Plus, it has spawned images such as this and this and this. Awesome.

Some McDonald’s restaurants are serving breakfast all night long. Well, after midnight, but in my world, that’s all night. It may only be in a very limited number of places, but this is huge!

While cheering for Team USA may be expected, the Russian gymnasts will always have my heart. Here is a super awesome tribute to Aliya Mustafina. She may not be my favorite Russian (that would be Viktoria Komova), but this girl kicks ass.

I love pound cake, rum sauce, and anything with vanilla bean. This looks so so good.

Ryan Lochte. Why are you so pretty and yet so terrible at making words??

Happy Friday everyone!! What have you been loving lately?

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