Link Love: Week 2

Happy Friday, everyone! This week has felt crazy long…I’m definitely ready for a few days to chill out and SLEEP.

Here are a few things I was totally loving this week:

1. This photo.

They won’t be happy to hear about this down at the henhouse.

Maybe it’s just because I have an obsession with all things mini (Except baked goods. Just…no.), but this series of photographs is too adorable. The captions are witty and the photos are gorgeous. Plus they all have little tiny men wielding bicycles, lawn mowers, and those itty bitty traffic cones. See the project’s website here.

2. I’ve kind of always wanted to visit Canada, but now I’d love to go more than ever. A man booked a room at a hotel in Winnipeg, filled in a special request for a premade pillow fort and vanilla Coke, and got this when he checked in. Why are hotels in America never this awesome?!

3. My newest weakness is a little thing called cookie butter. I discovered it through various blogs and finally broke down and bought some at Trader Joe’s. I have yet to do anything with it but eat it off a spoon. This looks like a pretty solid plan B.

4. Cedar Point just revealed plans for its newest roller coaster that will be opening in 2013, GateKeeper. It looks freaking sweet, but I wonder if it really does go backwards or if that’s just for show in the video…

5. Roasted tomato soup was an obsession of mine last winter/spring. Now I think I may have found a new tomato soup variety to drool over. I am very seriously considering making it this weekend, even though it’s still supposed to be in the high 70s every day.

That’s all for this week. Enjoy your Friday, everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Link Love: Week 2

  1. Happy Runner says:

    I love your links! I am so going to check out the photo exhibition in London. That is so cute! Thanks for sharing. Oh, and the pillow fort is just awesome!!! 🙂

    • jlampe12 says:

      Oh I’m so jealous!! Between the Olympics and getting to see those pictures, London is clearly way cooler than Indiana. (Although I think I already knew that!)

      Glad you enjoyed the links 🙂

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