Quilt Part 2

I did it guys!! I totally made progress on this gigantic project!

It was actually really therapeutic, to just sit there and sew row after row of squares together. I hit a groove, sewing a few sets of squares, pressing those seams, then sewing those pieces into a full row before pressing the rest of the seams and moving on to the next. By the time I hit row 16 (!!!) I totally had it down. Then I just had to turn those 16 rows into one giant, queen-sized rectangle.

Prepping the rows on my coffee table. (Woah blurry photo, sorry about that.)

Sewing squares together.

I actually took a break partway through, getting the top half of the quilt sewn together before calling it a night. It helped keep me from going crazy. The photo below is before I stitched the rows together.

First half almost complete!

As you can see, that second row from the bottom is a good amount longer than the one above it. I have no idea how this happened, because I was trying to pay really close attention to my seam allowances. It was really starting to bug me, until I realized that it doesn’t actually matter. I’m making progress, and I just lined up the seams as I stitched the rows together so the excess was barely noticeable.

BUT. I almost drove myself crazy making sure I didn’t screw up the pattern. I think it would have helped me to completely lay out the pattern again before I started sewing the squares together. The problem is that I really don’t have a lot of floor space to work with, so I had to make due with just lining up a few rows at a time on my coffee table.

But as I said, once I got into the groove, I felt a lot better. I had a system, and the process went pretty smoothly. On Monday I went and picked out my fabrics for the border, the backing, and my binding.

New fabrics!

I am totally and completely in love with that argyle print on the right. It is going to be my binding fabric, and–except for maybe those keys in the squares–it is definitely my favorite fabric in this project. The green is going to be the border fabric and those dots will be the back.

My next step will be to cut out and attach the borders and sew the backing fabric together. Right now the backing fabric is a 6-yard long piece, so I just need to fold it in half and sew a seam down the side. Thank goodness it is wide enough to just need two panels. I don’t think my mind is up for the math and geometry required to put together more than two pieces.

After that–quilting and binding. I’ve been reading online tutorials like craaazy. And I’m still terrified. Anyone have any good tutorials to recommend or advice to share? The only finishing I’ve ever done is to sew the wrong sides together and flip the whole thing inside out, so I need all the help I can get!

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