Link Love: Week 4

Sorry this is a little later than usual! I almost skipped the links this week, but I couldn’t help myself. Lots of good things to share! (And lots of pictures of the things in the links! Because I literally couldn’t make myself choose just one or two to share. I promise, I tried.)

1. I am a grammar fanatic. Like…obsessed. To the point that it is probably a little unhealthy. It’s not so much that I’m going to correct what you say out loud, but if you write down so much as a sentence and put it in front of me, I make no promises on how hard I will judge. Which is why this site is 100 percent made for me.

No really, what’s in the boxes?

What is this nonsense?!

Your use of quotation marks in completely random places is absolutely unnecessary. Seriously, it just makes you look kind of illiterate. Too much? It’s true though! And the ones with random capitalization and apostrophes to pluralize words…I can’t help myself. Juuuudging. Sorry I’m not sorry.

2. Even though I may have graduated almost 2 years ago, I’m still feeling a pang of nostalgia as college students are heading back to classes this week. I’m so old now! It’s awful. This letter to college freshmen gets me all teary. I seriously miss that feeling of opportunity and knowing that everything is still stretching out before you.

3. THESE PICTURES ARE ENTIRELY TOO CUTE TO USE LOWERCASE LETTERS! Tigers are, hands down, my all-time favorite animal. Love love love. Times a thousand. Go look at all of them. And then look at them again in an hour because you can’t stand not seeing them again.

OMG THAT FACE! Can’t stop.

4. On the list of things I find necessary, things like razors and hair conditioner rank fairly high. For the most part, I love me some products made just for us lady-folk. But c’mon Bic. Is this seriously necessary? Pens made “For Her.” (And yes, the quotes are allowed. I’m actually quoting something.) I’m so glad I’m not the only one who finds them ridiculous, because then we also get things like this. Another option–search for them on Amazon and read the reviews for yourself. Perfection.

5. It probably comes as a surprise to no one that I was not a Barbie fanatic growing up. I just couldn’t get into it, except for my gymnastics Barbie. She was flexible at literally every joint and came with this little hoop for your finger so you could make her do flips on her tiny balance beam. But this is some Barbie action I can get behind. These photos are so amazing!

Bet they saw this pose on Pinterest.

I’m just not sure why Barbie is wearing that silly little hat.

6. I am definitely not the first person to come across this, but I had to share. All those bad puppies! Looking so adorable next to written proof of what they did!

Bad puppy.

There is also a picture of a dog with a trashcan lid stuck around his neck.

Enjoy the long weekend everyone! I will be spending it hanging with the fam, first watching my cousin play volleyball today and then headed back to my hometown tonight.

PS–After my little rant in #1 I am seriously praying I don’t have any grammar mistakes in this. That would look real stupid.

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