What Our Friendship Means to Me

Being a best friend means making a promise. It’s telling someone you will fight for them, against anyone, no matter how hard it gets. It means keeping secrets. But it means not keeping secrets, too, not from each other.

It means inside jokes, late nights, long phone calls. Calling each other out on your shit. Literally saying “Get over yourself, Jess.” Kicking each other down a notch when your ego is out of control but being there to build each other up when you need it most. It’s reminding them what matters most when they seem to have forgotten.

Best friends means knowing when you need to push harder and when you need to back off. It’s crossing a line when you didn’t know when to back off but being forgiven anyway. It’s letting them verbally kick the crap out of you when they really want to do it to someone else. You take it so they don’t fuck up a relationship with someone who may not fully understand.

Knowing you have a steady constant in a constantly shifting world, that’s best friendship. It’s always being excited for each other, wanting the absolute best for someone who’s fighting to make sure you have the absolute best, too.

It means buying the most kick ass birthday presents. EVER.

It means baking too many cookies and sending care packages across the country. It’s YouTube videos and song lyrics and movie quotes.

Best friends doesn’t mean being in the same room. It doesn’t even mean being in the same state. It just means being there, no matter what, always. It means someone is going to love you, even when you fuck up. Someone isn’t going to judge, isn’t going to tell you what you should have done differently.

It doesn’t mean you’re perfect. It doesn’t mean they’re perfect, either. Best friends doesn’t always make sense, but it doesn’t always have to, really. It just has to be.

Best friends means doing whatever it takes to make it work, because it’s always going to be worth it.

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