Life’s Better in Color

“I went to Target during lunch today and bought a planner.” “Oh, that’s nice…” “Yeah, I was feeling overwhelmed and needed to color code something.”

Things in my little corner of the universe are starting to get…busy. Like, I’ve-got-stuff-scheduled-almost-every-night-for-the-next-three-weeks busy. I knew it was going to happen eventually, but I have to admit that it kind of caught me off guard. So yeah. That little conversation up there? That actually happened last night.

Before you start thinking I’m crazy (Although, let’s be real. You’re probably right.), hear me out. I don’t know what it is about highlighting the shit out of a calendar that makes my life feel less ridiculous, but God does it work. I was getting a little bit terrified that I’ve overscheduled myself. Signing up for two volleyball leagues, planning several out-of-town trips, inviting people to come hang out in Indiana for the weekend, and the start of a new volleyball coaching season will do that to a person.

Thank God for those highlighters. Green for coaching stuff, pink for my own games, great big blue boxes for those precious weekends when I get to leave the state–I’ve caught myself staring at (read: admiring) the perfectly colored squares a little more often than is probably sane to admit. But my stress level has decreased by like, a thousand.

I’m a little more in control, a little less likely to forget where I said I would be when, and a little more on top of all the things I’ve committed to in the coming months. That’s a lot to gain for $5 and a couple of highlighters from the supply room at work. While I’m still thinking I may be overscheduled, at least I know I won’t forget to show up for something important.

And it’s a weekly/monthly calendar, so that means I get to write down and color code everything TWICE. Score.

Now if I could just get it to force me to write here more, we’d be in business.

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