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“I think … if it is true that there are as many minds as there are heads, then there are as many kinds of love as there are hearts.”
–Leo Tolstoy

I completely adore the way classic literature will forever be relevant.

Until the end of time, there will be new lovers, both young and old, discovering their own brand of love–figuring out how their hearts will, in time, create a love that is uniquely theirs.

No matter how strongly you felt about an old flame, no matter how perfect or how broken your relationship may have been, you will never repeat that experience. For better or worse, every relationship is a clean slate.

So stop trying to recreate what you had with someone else. You aren’t with that person for a reason (usually a multitude of reasons), so now’s the time to make new memories, have new adventures, and forge a new path. A new relationship is an incredible opportunity to create something that you will forever share with another person. Whether it works out, whether you’re with them forever or not, no one can take away what the two of you are creating.

Tolstoy said it best. No two minds will ever be the same. They cannot think the same thoughts or feel the same emotions. So why, then, should two people ever experience the same kind of love?

If only we were all more accepting of the way everyone loves differently. If only everyone realized that we’re all doing our best. Just because she doesn’t love you the way the others did doesn’t mean she isn’t loving you with everything she has. Just because he doesn’t express himself the way you’re used to doesn’t mean he isn’t trying his hardest.

Your life, your experiences, your perspectives can never be replicated, same as your head and mind and thoughts are distinctively yours. Love one another, with all the love you have. It’s your own special kind of love, because your heart will never be like anyone else’s.

(You guys. I’m a nerd. Like, big time. I miss being an English major and writing about other people’s writing and digging in to decide what it all means. I’ve been reading some awesome stuff lately, so I’ll probably do more of these. Soon.)

Your Own Kind of Love

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Monday Inspiration

Some days require more reminding than others.

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