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Link Love: Week 4

Sorry this is a little later than usual! I almost skipped the links this week, but I couldn’t help myself. Lots of good things to share! (And lots of pictures of the things in the links! Because I literally couldn’t make myself choose just one or two to share. I promise, I tried.)

1. I am a grammar fanatic. Like…obsessed. To the point that it is probably a little unhealthy. It’s not so much that I’m going to correct what you say out loud, but if you write down so much as a sentence and put it in front of me, I make no promises on how hard I will judge. Which is why this site is 100 percent made for me.

No really, what’s in the boxes?

What is this nonsense?!

Your use of quotation marks in completely random places is absolutely unnecessary. Seriously, it just makes you look kind of illiterate. Too much? It’s true though! And the ones with random capitalization and apostrophes to pluralize words…I can’t help myself. Juuuudging. Sorry I’m not sorry.

2. Even though I may have graduated almost 2 years ago, I’m still feeling a pang of nostalgia as college students are heading back to classes this week. I’m so old now! It’s awful. This letter to college freshmen gets me all teary. I seriously miss that feeling of opportunity and knowing that everything is still stretching out before you.

3. THESE PICTURES ARE ENTIRELY TOO CUTE TO USE LOWERCASE LETTERS! Tigers are, hands down, my all-time favorite animal. Love love love. Times a thousand. Go look at all of them. And then look at them again in an hour because you can’t stand not seeing them again.

OMG THAT FACE! Can’t stop.

4. On the list of things I find necessary, things like razors and hair conditioner rank fairly high. For the most part, I love me some products made just for us lady-folk. But c’mon Bic. Is this seriously necessary? Pens made “For Her.” (And yes, the quotes are allowed. I’m actually quoting something.) I’m so glad I’m not the only one who finds them ridiculous, because then we also get things like this. Another option–search for them on Amazon and read the reviews for yourself. Perfection.

5. It probably comes as a surprise to no one that I was not a Barbie fanatic growing up. I just couldn’t get into it, except for my gymnastics Barbie. She was flexible at literally every joint and came with this little hoop for your finger so you could make her do flips on her tiny balance beam. But this is some Barbie action I can get behind. These photos are so amazing!

Bet they saw this pose on Pinterest.

I’m just not sure why Barbie is wearing that silly little hat.

6. I am definitely not the first person to come across this, but I had to share. All those bad puppies! Looking so adorable next to written proof of what they did!

Bad puppy.

There is also a picture of a dog with a trashcan lid stuck around his neck.

Enjoy the long weekend everyone! I will be spending it hanging with the fam, first watching my cousin play volleyball today and then headed back to my hometown tonight.

PS–After my little rant in #1 I am seriously praying I don’t have any grammar mistakes in this. That would look real stupid.

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Link Love: Week 3

I am so sorry for how little I have been in this space lately. It has been an insanely long and stressful week in my real life, and my Internet life had to take a backseat. I really hope I will have some motivation to write again soon, though. Here’s some awesome stuff from the Internet to make up for how non-awesome I’ve been this week!

1. We’ve talked before about my Pinterest obsession. Well these girls have taken theirs to a new level. It’s a site of tutorials and step-by-step instructions on how to do things they have found on Pinterest. Annnnd they tell you where things can/did go wrong for them and give you tips on how to avoid it.

2. Chinese food is one of my recently discovered loves. But something about making it at home kind of terrifies the crap out of me. It just takes so many spices, so many liquid ingredients I don’t have or feel like I will never use again (why do I need both fish AND oyster sauce? how is rice wine vinegar really that much different than the three other kinds of vinegar I already have in my pantry?). These Spicy Sesame Noodles from Channeling Contessa look FAB. And easy. Only two of those crazy sauces and no new spices. They may just be my gateway drug into the homemade Chinese food world.

3. Warning…this link contains some pretty nerdy content. Totally awesome things like this:

I want to wear this every single day.


And then of course, there’s this:

Ahhh, swoon.

If you don’t get those references I don’t know if we can still be friends. But this Etsy shop is FULL of jewelry inspired by Game of Thrones, the Hunger Games, Star Wars, and Harry Potter. I literally want to buy it all.

4. How is it that more people don’t do this to their houses?!? Or maybe they do…and since it opens to a secret room I will just never know about it. But it’s fantastic, either way.

5. And I will just leave you with this:

I’ll take a hundred, please.

Happy Friday!


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Link Love: Week 2

Happy Friday, everyone! This week has felt crazy long…I’m definitely ready for a few days to chill out and SLEEP.

Here are a few things I was totally loving this week:

1. This photo.

They won’t be happy to hear about this down at the henhouse.

Maybe it’s just because I have an obsession with all things mini (Except baked goods. Just…no.), but this series of photographs is too adorable. The captions are witty and the photos are gorgeous. Plus they all have little tiny men wielding bicycles, lawn mowers, and those itty bitty traffic cones. See the project’s website here.

2. I’ve kind of always wanted to visit Canada, but now I’d love to go more than ever. A man booked a room at a hotel in Winnipeg, filled in a special request for a premade pillow fort and vanilla Coke, and got this when he checked in. Why are hotels in America never this awesome?!

3. My newest weakness is a little thing called cookie butter. I discovered it through various blogs and finally broke down and bought some at Trader Joe’s. I have yet to do anything with it but eat it off a spoon. This looks like a pretty solid plan B.

4. Cedar Point just revealed plans for its newest roller coaster that will be opening in 2013, GateKeeper. It looks freaking sweet, but I wonder if it really does go backwards or if that’s just for show in the video…

5. Roasted tomato soup was an obsession of mine last winter/spring. Now I think I may have found a new tomato soup variety to drool over. I am very seriously considering making it this weekend, even though it’s still supposed to be in the high 70s every day.

That’s all for this week. Enjoy your Friday, everyone!

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Link Love: Week 1

While I have a running list of blogs I’m loving at the moment, I thought it would be nice to keep a weekly list of all the things that catch my eye. Expect to see a lot of recipes, cute pictures, or interesting news links.

Dark Chocolate Bourbon Cherry Soda Floats. Yes. Just…yes. To all of it.

We landed on Mars. I am suuuch a nerd, but I can’t stop reading about it. Plus, it has spawned images such as this and this and this. Awesome.

Some McDonald’s restaurants are serving breakfast all night long. Well, after midnight, but in my world, that’s all night. It may only be in a very limited number of places, but this is huge!

While cheering for Team USA may be expected, the Russian gymnasts will always have my heart. Here is a super awesome tribute to Aliya Mustafina. She may not be my favorite Russian (that would be Viktoria Komova), but this girl kicks ass.

I love pound cake, rum sauce, and anything with vanilla bean. This looks so so good.

Ryan Lochte. Why are you so pretty and yet so terrible at making words??

Happy Friday everyone!! What have you been loving lately?

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